To See and Be Seen

Through the leafless branches and beyond the sea
As the whispy, weightless clouds float above,
The sky is painting its soft colors for all to see.

Perhaps I pay attention because the blue sky might disappear tomorrow (and not return for months),
But I like to think that it is the moment–
Revelation or intuition that invites me into the unfolding mystery of beauty.

Where are you going?
And why with such haste?
The day is a work of art that asks your participation,
Your attention, your devotion.
How it longs to touch you
To invite you and provoke you
With its gentle nudging
Its quiet stirring

Pay attention–
Today, the sweet laughter of connection
The welcoming presence you offered,
The reciprocated kindness and recognition received

What is life without its unending revelation
And human beings our ceaseless longing to see and be seen?

When just beyond the bounds of the window,
The sky reveals itself to your wanting soul,
Stop your planning and your doing
Settle into the gift of grace.