Everyday ought to begin with a sunrise
And this view, wrapped up in blankets and fleece coats–
The clear days always the coldest and the most stunning.
Before you run off to take on that unconsumable to-do list
Or begin a day at the office with its equally unquenchable need for more–
More time, more focus, more results, more, more, more.

Sneak away to the quiet, unassuming yet marvelous
Display of beauty and profundity which is the sun’s rising each morning
Sit down with your steaming coffee–or tea–
Look and listen for that nearly mute, just about it be missed
Presentation you cannot produce, cannot consume, cannot even prolong.
It’s there every morning whether yesterday’s harsh demands were satisfied,

Whether you’ll be satisfied with todays.
There is offered each morning a moment
To break away from these manufactured expectations,
A resettling into the rhythms of a nature and a life
More hospitable, more gracious and more kind
Than the one never satisfied with enough.

Enough, let us cry, enough.