The Gift

After all these years
What a surprise it is to find
What you thought was no longer
In the realm of possibilities—
That you could be wanted,
That you could be longed for
In the selfsame way
You have longed for another

To find over and over again
In love and loss,
The true measure of your courage
And the pure desirability of your presence.
Oh that you would listen to desire
Calling forth from within and without–
Tune your ear to hear its song
Which is always beckoning

You’ve turned your back long enough,
But now you know:
Desire is not here to haunt you,
Forever reminding you
Of what you want but cannot have.

No, it is here to invite you,
Acknowledge, surprise and delight you—
The truth is that all this time
you’ve held what it is that only now
is seen, known, and adored.

Now, you too, know what a gift it is,
And the gift, of course, is you.