The Colors of Delight


The moon no longer a perfect sphere, eclipsed,
the sun still hidden behind the horizon as
we walked from bedroom to kitchen to studio
on the barely lit path–the way crunchy, uneven

until I sit at my desk with the familiar buzz
of the heater fan. The sky still midnight blue
as I tidy my desk; the sight of growing order soothes,
brings attention to the vase of flowers cracking
worlds open–

just the other day, I thought about revelatory, nuanced
shades of gray–but today–today is a day for color:
fuschia, lavender, rose, peach–some subtle, inviting;
others bursting with depth, calling out even the hues
in the watercolor print on the windowsill: Mt. Baker
at dawn, the lower elevation peaks blanketed in indigo
like the pre-dawn sky now softening before my eyes, softening
like the rose or the daisy.

There is something about the realness, the liveliness
which prompts me to bow in delight.

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