Winthrop, WA – May 2018

Sometimes we encounter those people who exude the precise form of hope and life we need in a particular moment.  It is pure gift, and true to form, begets a desire to give back–to become that precise form of hope and life for another.  This is the nature of generosity.

Last week I had the privilege of meeting someone who, in my eyes, is doing inspiring work and living deeply into the life she was created for.  She offered more than I asked for or imagined, and I couldn’t help but write about those unexpected moments that shape a life.

She sat with her beer
That warm Seattle evening
Patiently waiting for me
As I half reluctantly
Shoveled my dinner down
And drove to meet her.

The days are full,
Some too full–
Except for those moments
That teem with possibility.

We don’t know when
We’ll meet that person
Who by her very presence
Instills the sense of hope needed–
The belief in your ability
To live a life filled with passion,
Who herself is a living, breathing
Representation of who you want to be–
That indiscriminate giver of hope.

So it is we keep placing one foot
In front of the other
Moving toward the life
That stirs from within and without,
Awaiting that sense of calling
And collaboration with those
Who choose to live now
As you have always wanted to live.

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