It’s not easy being single
Longing for that familial presence:
Someone to come home to
Someone to go out with,
Someone, simply to sit beside.

Nor is it easy, I am sure, being married—
But single or married,
How we all long for that presence
Of abiding love and friendship,
The knowledge that we’re not alone.

Sometimes gifts arrive in surprising forms
Often (for me), through the face of another—
The generous, blessed, and simple gift
Of companionship and conversation.

Like the moments spent with my soon-to-be sister,
The joy of having someone to suffer with
In that god-forsaken exercise class,
Or leave town on a Saturday to hike in the rain
Because you both know you belong
Where life’s a little more wild and green and alive.

And though you know not
Where each of life’s paths are leading,
You know you have those people
Who will be with you—

And knowing this, you will choose to go
Where the paths frighten and enliven,
And learn, finally, that home is not a place,
And love’s not only for others.