The Shades of Gray

The clouds have returned today–but
the feeling of darkness, of gloom gone
missing.  Instead, the white sheets
of sky blanket this place in a richness
unknown.  Something released in the break
of day yesterday, as though the unveiled
backdrop of blue exposed the tapestry
of color beyond the layers I clothe
myself with–especially here, especially
amidst winter’s snowfall, and so many
unfamiliar faces.

Today, the grey sky an invitation to see
not the absence of color but the shades
of nuance that shelter the eye from too
much exposure.  Welcome the withdrawal
to this sheltered, interior space which asks
you to believe retreating is as good,
necessary, and blessed as the sky’s
capacity to shower the earth with precisely
what it needs to be nourished, to be stripped,
and, to grow.